Meet Ernie

Posted: Thursday 25th February 2021

It feels like we’ve been closed for a very long time now, but behind the scenes our team have been working tremendously hard on setting up our brand new business… Ernie. 

Ernie is a new shop, deli and takeout around the back of our lovely Ernest. We sell handpicked products with a focus on bringing you a useful and unique shop which is as kind as possible to people and planet.

Much of our stock is super local; handmade by small producers and supportive of the North East’s economy, whilst keeping a keen eye on affordability. We’re aiming to be a cross between a wholefood cornershop, farmers market, deli and bakery, plus a very special off licence! We also do hot drinks, sarnies, soups, sweet things with more to follow soon.

Along with all of this, we have a ‘made by ernest’ range, so you can take some of Ernest’s highlights home with you whilst things are on pause upstairs! 

We’re really missing you and it’s been so great to see our regulars swinging by the hatch window…

See you out there! 

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