Cosmology Night – Maths, Murder and Intrigue

Wednesday 29th May
7.00pm - 10.00pm

Entry £4 on the Door

Doors 7:00pm

First talk 7:20-8:00pm
Intermission 8:00pm – 8:20pm
Second talk 8:20pm – 9:00pm

For May’s Cosmology Night we are dipping our toe into some ancient maths problems and how the struggle to understand them effected the live of the people that tried to solve them.

To kick off the evening we have Dr Dave looking at the deceivingly simple equation a+b=c. The story of its evolution will take us through murder, the boldest claim in the history of mathematics, a woman who defied the odds against her. After 350 years of hurt there is still confusion in trying to understand a + b = c.

After the intermission Dr Sam will be trying to answer as many of your question as he can in 40 mins.

All of this along with the usual fun and drinks to be won.

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